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In our often hectic lives, we don’t always have time to read case studies, white papers or watch webinars – you can’t deny they provide valuable material but sometimes we need something a little easier, and certainly quicker, to digest. This is where blogs can be helpful, providing a key message, usually based on personal experience, in just a few paragraphs.

Below are some blogs that business continuity professionals from across the world have written on the subject of testing and exercising business continuity plans.

Testing and exercising business continuity plans
19th March 2015: Ana-Maria Damșa, Business Continuity Management Specialist at Telekom Romania, Romania

Why is a 'near miss' always more successful than an exercise in focusing the mind?
17th March 2015: David Window MBCI, Director at Continuity Shop and Continuity 22301, UK

Exercising builds organisational resilience
17th March 2015: Patrick Alcantara, Research Associate at the BCI, UK

Why testing and exercising are essential for an effective business continuity programme
17th March 2015: Deborah Higgins MBCI, Head of Learning and Development at the BCI, UK

Engaging stakeholders meaningfully for exercise planning
16th March 2015: Gary Ng, Director at Infinity Continuity, Singapore

Can you test a business continuity plan?
13th March 2015: James Halpin AMBCI, Consultant at Plan B Consulting, UK

Testing your business continuity plan
12th March 2015: Originally published on TechAdvisory by Pronto Marketing, USA

The benefits of exercise: Why we should be exercising our risks
11th March 2015: David Evans, Crisis and Resilience Consultant at Corpress, UK

The importance of preparation for unplanned events
9th March 2015: Richard A. Jurado MBCI, Project Manager based in St Louis, USA

Joining the crisis dots – How simulation exercising can create a culture of crisis sensitivity
9th March 2015: Dominic Cockram MBCI, Founder and MD of Steelhenge, UK

You don’t exercise a scenario
6th March 2015: Dr Paul Robertson FBCI, Director of Business Resilience at PwC, UK

Don't live in the stone age, exercise your business continuity plan
5th March 2015: Steve deBruin AMBCI, Business Continuity Lead at North Somerset Council, UK

Disaster recovery testing for SMEs: What you need to know
2nd March 2015: Oscar Arean, Technical Operations Manager at Databarracks, UK

Failing your compliance audits and don't know why?
24th February 2015: Ron LaPedis, Work Area Recovery Strategist for SunGard Availability Services, USA

Do you have a disaster recovery solution that’s 80% successful?
23rd February 2015: Ian Daly, Director of Plan B Disaster Recovery, UK

Business Continuity - It’s just like changing a wheel
19th February 2015: Matt Hodges-Long, Managing Director at Continuity Partner, UK

A challenging exercise in crisis
18th February 2015: Luke Bird MBCI, Business Continuity Executive at Atos, UK

If you have not tested your Disaster Recovery Plan, you are not ready to manage through a disaster
13th February 2015: Scott Owens, Managing Director of BluTinuity, USA

Choosing an appropriate scenario for your business continuity plan exercises
12th February 2015: Ray Abide, Business Continuity Consultant, USA

The best laid plans
10th February 2015: Andy Osborne MBCI, Consultancy Director at Acumen, UK

Exercise is good for you and for your Business Continuity Plan
5th February 2015: David Discenza, President of Discenza Business Continuity Solutions, USA