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What are BCI Chapters?

BCI Chapters have been established in countries or regions where there is a large community of BCI members. The Chapters have locally elected officers who represent the BCI in their region. 

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All BCI Chapters are led by an elected voluntary board. The current USA Chapter Board is as follows:

President: Brian Zawada, FBCI, MBCP

Brian Zawada is the Director of Consulting for Avalution Consulting, a U.S. firm specializing in business continuity and IT disaster recovery consulting and software solutions.

Prior to co-founding Avalution, Brian performed various leadership roles within international consulting firms, and also served as an Intelligence Officer in the U.S. Air Force.

Over the past nineteen years, Brian has actively managed internal business continuity programs and consulted with organizations of all sizes and in nearly all industries.  Previously, Brian served on the ASIS International Standards Development Technical Committee that authored the American National Standard on business continuity.  He was also the President of the Northern Ohio Chapter of the Association of Contingency Planners. In addition to being a frequent author and speaker, Brian currently serves as the Head of Delegation and Chairman of the US Technical Advisory Group to ISO Technical Committee 223 (the committee charged with authoring the new family of ISO Societal Security standards, including ISO 22301 and ISO 22313).  He is also an active participant on the Editorial Advisory Board of Continuity Insights magazine.  In early 2012, Brian was elected to the board of the USA Chapter of the Business Continuity Institute.

Brian holds a BS from the United States Air Force Academy and a MS from the Joint Military Intelligence College.  Brian is certified as a Member of the Business Continuity Institute (MBCI) and is also certified by the Disaster Recovery Institute as a Master Business Continuity Professional (MBCP).

Vice President: Stacy Gardner, MBCI, CBCP

Stacy Gardner is a Managing Consultant with Avalution Consulting, a firm focused exclusively on business continuity and IT disaster recovery consulting, outsourcing, and software solutions.  Stacy specializes in developing business continuity programs and solutions for organizations in the manufacturing, pharmaceutical, and financial services industries, as well as organizations with geographically dispersed locations, and has extensive knowledge on pandemic preparedness and planning.  She also served as program manager to Avalution’s business continuity program, overseeing its ISO 22301 certification effort (the first program in North America to certify to the standard).  Stacy is also a frequent author and speaker.
Prior to joining Avalution, Stacy worked in the business continuity department of a large law firm, where she helped develop and maintain business continuity and IT disaster recovery plans, participated in several disaster recovery exercises, and facilitated the testing of recovery documentation. 
Stacy has a B.S. in Computer Science from Kettering University.

Treasurer: Eric Staffin, FBCI, CISSP

Eric Staffin is the Chief Risk Officer for S&P Capital IQ.  He is responsible for a broad range of activities across the business and risk management lifecycles, and brings more than 25 years of enterprise resiliency, oversight and control, compliance governance, incident management, operations, and service delivery experience to his current role. 

Prior to joining S&P Capital IQ, Eric was Chief Resiliency Officer of the Thomson Reuters Wealth Management business, with accountabilities that included risk management, information security, and crisis management. Eric has held senior risk and business line management roles at Thomson Reuters, Citigroup and Bankers Trust that spanned front and back-office operations, product development, technology risk management, information security, business continuity, and third-party relationship management.  In those capacities, Eric was responsible for developing global risk and resiliency programs, managing client engagements and partnerships, and driving enterprise-wide software deployments and high visibility product launches with Fortune 100 clients, consultancies, commercial regulators, and internal and external auditors.

Eric holds the FBCI (Fellow) certification from the Business Continuity Institute (BCI) and the CISSP certification from (ISC)2, and is a certified instructor for the BCI in Crisis & Incident Management and Business Continuity Best Practices.  He has served as a speaker, moderator and panelist for (ISC)2, the BCI, ISACA, and several New York metropolitan area business schools on topics including Operational Risk, Data Privacy, Supply Chain Resiliency, and Cybersecurity and Business Resiliency Convergence.

Eric received his Bachelor of Arts degree in Economics from the University of Michigan and his Master’s Degree in Business Administration in Finance and Corporate Strategy from New York University’s Stern School of Business.  In his spare time, Eric serves as an Executive Director and Treasurer of the BCI-USA Chapter and is a member of the Education and Governmental Affairs Committees of the Scarsdale Forum.

Secretary: Paul Kirvan, FBCI, CISA

Paul Kirvan is an independent business continuity consultant, IT auditor, technical writer and educator with over 25 years experience in business continuity, disaster recovery, enterprise risk management, telecommunications and IT auditing. Mr. Kirvan is currently a member of the Business Continuity Institute's Global Membership Council and founding board member and secretary of the BCI’s USA Chapter. He was previously a member of the international board of the BCI. Mr. Kirvan is a Fellow of the BCI and a Certified Information Systems Auditor.

Executive Director: Douglas Weldon, FBCI

Doug Weldon’s 25-year career includes extensive background in IT, process quality management, business development, and senior management. He has expertise in the disciplines of Incident/Crisis Management, Business Continuity Management (BCM), Disaster Recovery (DR), Physical/Information Security Management, and Operational Risk/Resiliency Management. At AT&T, Doug developed and managed the largest BC/DR program in the world including recovery operations for AT&T’s Global Network and internal business and IT operations, which included hundreds of critical work groups and application systems including real time network support systems, and the full range of technologies from mainframe and distributed systems to central office switches. At Telcordia Technologies (formerly Bellcore), and subsequently as President and Managing Consultant at Vigilant Services Group, Doug led many additional resiliency projects for financial services, technology, healthcare, telecommunications, government, entertainment, retailing, and logistics customers. As Vice President, Product & Infrastructure Risk Management, at Thomson Reuters, Doug managed an operational risk/resiliency management program to cost-effectively increase the resiliency (business continuity/disaster recovery, security, and operational effectiveness) of its products, customer-facing services, and supporting infrastructures, for the company's $7 billion financial and risk business. Doug holds the FBCI (Fellow) certification from the Business Continuity Institute (BCI). He has also been awarded a U.S. Patent for Remote Electronic Vaulting, holds the Business Resilience Auditor and Business Resilience Manager certifications from the Business Resilience Certification Consortium International (BRCCI), and was elected to the CPM (Contingency Planning and Management) Hall of Fame in 2010. Doug is also currently serving as President and Executive Board Member for the BCI USA Chapter, and has previously served as Advisory Board Member for CPM and the Thomson Reuters representative to the committee developing the ANSI Standard for Business Continuity Management. He is also an instructor for the BCI’s BCM Audit, Plan Writing, Foundation, and Crisis/Incident Management courses.

Executive Director:Virginia Stouffer

Board Member: Richard Bogle, MBCI, CBCP

An established professional in the business continuity industry, Richard Bogle is currently Senior Manager of Business Continuity for Synchrony Financial. Prior to this, he led crisis management, business continuity and disaster recovery activities in a global context for two of the world’s largest investment management organizations, and for a leading international general insurance and reinsurance group. He is certified as a Member of the Business Continuity Institute (MBCI), and is a Certified Business Continuity Professional (CBCP) with the Disaster Recovery Institute.

In addition to being a regarded speaker at global business continuity conferences and author of industry publications, Rich is the cofounder of the award winning Business Risk & Resilience XGen initiative; an education and networking forum for the next generation of industry leaders. He has been an elected member of the BCI Global Membership Council since 2012, and an elected member of the BCI US Chapter Board in September 2014. Rich is also a former CIR Industry Newcomer of the Year Award Winner, CIR Industry Initiative of the Year winner, and served for several years as the Vice Chair of the IBM BC&RS Client Community.

Board Member: Ted Brown, MBCI, CBCP, CBCV

Ted Brown, MBCI, CBCP, CBCV is President & CEO of KETCHConsulting and a well-known business continuity industry leader.  With 40 years in technology, Brown has contributed 20 years to the business continuity industry. At various times, he has lent his expertise to the sales, consulting, and service delivery aspects of the industry. He has led the development of hundreds of unique BCP plans and actual recoveries. As a Certified Business Continuity Professional, Brown has shared his experience and expertise through published articles and lectures to thousands of business continuity and disaster recovery professionals. His lectures have been featured at CPM, CI, DRJ,CA World, EPICC, DVDRIEG, MADRA, Summit, BOMA, COMMON, DPMA, Survive, DRIE, CPE, ACP, NEDRIX, and 7×24 in North America, plus Australia and Malaysia
From the beginnng, Ted Brown has been a leading proponent of work group recovery, voice recovery, electronic vaulting, and non-IT business continuity. He has personally influenced many facets of the business continuity process including evaluating alternatives, implementing those alternatives, and ground zero recoveries. He also offered a great deal of time and personal assistance during the long effort to reconstruct the U.S. Virgin Islands after Hurricane Marilyn.

Uniquely qualified in the development of hot site solutions, Brown developed and delivered an internationally acclaimed white paper and presentation titled “How to Negotiate a Hot Site,” benefitting thousands of organizations. Subsequently Brown presented it to a special gathering of business continuity professionals including representatives from IBM, Schlumberger, and SunGard. Additionally, he has developed a module for selling business continuity to upper management.

In November of 2007, KETCH Consulting was inducted into the Contingency Planning & Management Hall of Fame. In 2002, Ted as an individual was elected to the Contingency Planning & Management Hall of Fame along with Rudy Giuliani. The Hall of Fame recognizes leading contributors to Business Continuity.

Several years ago, Mr. Brown formed a BCP Consulting firm: KETCHConsulting. KETCHConsulting is unique in that they execute BCP consulting: performing BIA’s, BCP plans, Risk Assessment, Mitigation and BCP Education. But they are unique in that all are certified (CBCP or MBCI) and most KETCH consultants have actual RECOVERY experience. Furthermore, they provide unique offerings like Hot Site Negotiation, long term recovery strategies, table top exercises and Executive selling of BCP.

Brown, a graduate of Penn State, lives in northeastern Pennsylvania and is recognized for his contribution to his community, including the Chamber of Commerce, adult literacy, and special needs services.

Board Member: Kathleen Lucey, FBCI

Kathleen Lucey founded Montague Risk Management in 1996 to provide integrated consulting services on all aspects of threat analysis and management.  She previously worked for EMC as a Practice Manager. 

Kathleen is an international thought-leader in the business continuity/disaster recovery field, and has published many articles and interviews on a variety of subjects related to BC/DR in UK and US industry journals.  She is a sought-after speaker at industry conferences:  in the last 10 years, she has given nearly 50 individual conference sessions (in both English and French), and has chaired 5 industry panels on subjects ranging from Title IX (PS-Prep) to Supply Chain Resilience, to HIPAA and other regulatory issues.

She has also received extensive recognition from her peers in the industry:

  • 1998:  received the inaugural Business Continuity Practitioner of the Year Award, given by IBM to the individual who has made the most significant contribution to innovation in the field that year
  • 2000:  certified as a Fellow of the Business Continuity Institute (FBCI).
  • 2005:  inducted into the Contingency Planning and Management Hall of Fame

She is the sole practitioner to date to hold all three of these industry distinctions.

  • 2007:  elected Chair of the Contingency Planning & Management  Advisory Board
  • 2008:  founding President of the USA Chapter of the Business Continuity Institute
  • 2009:  elected Member of the Board of Directors of the Business Continuity Institute

Board Member: Margaret Millett, MBCP, MBCI

Margaret Millett is an Assistant Vice-President at MetLife with responsibility for their Business Resiliency Program. Previously she worked for eBay, Inc. in San Jose, CA as the Director of Enterprise Resiliency Department for all eBay companies. She has been actively involved in the business continuity field since 1994 and worked for financial services companies in Boston, MA and Dublin, Ireland. Margaret has held board-level positions with business continuity organizations, written publications and spoken at business continuity management conferences in North America, Europe, Asia and the Middle East.

In 2011, Margaret was awarded a Master of Science in Business Continuity from Norwich University in Northfield, Vermont with honors. She has been certified as a Member of the Business Continuity Institute (MBCI) and a Master Business Continuity Professional (MBCP) with DRI International (DRII).

Her affiliations include: The Business Continuity Institute (BCI), Continuity Insights (CI) Editorial Advisory Board, North East Disaster Recovery Information X-Change (NEDRIX), the Business Recovery Managers Association (BRMA) DRI International and a member of the US Technical Advisory Group to ISO Technical Committee 223.

Board Member: Ann Pickren, MBCI

Ann Pickren is Senior Vice President, Enterprise Solutions with MIR3, and her experience spans the BC/DR, crisis management and supply chain management sectors, providing strategic counsel for many Fortune 500 companies. In her role as VP, Enterprise Solutions, Ms. Pickren focuses on evangelizing MIR3 solutions to the BC/DR market. She will also consult directly with customers to develop emergency management and business continuity best practices.

Previously, Ms. Pickren served as executive vice president at Firestorm Solutions, overseeing the development of business continuity and crisis management methodology and delivery of client services. She is well-known for her achievements at SunGard, where she was responsible for business continuity application software solutions, consulting engagement delivery and the management of professional staff.

Ms. Pickren serves as an advisory board member for BC Management Inc., is a member of the Organizational Resilience Maturity Technical Committee within ASIS International and is member of the DRJ Executive Council and the BCI USA Chapter Board. She earned her MBA from Georgia State University with a focus on math and statistics in undergraduate studies.

Board Member: Belinda Wilson, MBCI, CBCP

Belinda Wilson is a Senior Director and Global Lead at Gartner, responsible for the Business Continuity and IT Disaster Recovery consulting practice. She is a distinguished expert in her field with over twenty years of expertise helping clients minimize their operational risks, meet their recovery and continuity requirements, and develop comprehensive business continuity and IT disaster recovery management programs. Her most recent experience includes the development and implementation of an enterprise-wide BCM governance program, conducted a BIA for a large healthcare client, managed the RFP process to select a DR service provider, and conducted a number of BC/DR assessments for clients in the financial, healthcare, energy and retail business lines.

She has authored a number of industry white papers including “Is Corporate Ready for a Chief Continuity Officer,” “Which Came First — Business Continuity or Disaster Recovery,” and “Corporate Governance and Business Continuity.” She also published book forwards for the Business Continuity & HIPAA - Business Continuity Management in the Healthcare Environment (Rothstein) and Business Continuity Planning - A Step-by-Step Guide (Fullmer).

Ms. Wilson is a certified member (MBCI) of the Business Continuity Institute and a CBCP from DRII. She currently serves on the Executive Council of DRJ and is a member of the ACP San Diego Chapter. Ms. Wilson is the former Vice-Chair of DRII, past President of the Association of Contingency Planners, Northern California Chapter, member of the Financial Services Technology Consortium BC Committee, member of the Advisory Council of Contingency Insights, and founder, past President of the Business Recovery Managers Association (BRMA). Ms. Wilson was inducted into the CPM Hall of Fame for the Vendor Practitioner Award. She holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Computer Applications & Systems and resides in Carlsbad, CA.

Board member: John A. Jackson, Hon FBCI, CORE

John A. Jackson is Executive Vice President with Fusion Risk Management, and brings to Fusion over 30 years of industry leadership and is widely regarded as an early and current visionary in enterprise Business Continuity, Crisis Management and Disaster Recovery. John was awarded the Business Continuity Institute's first ever North American Lifetime Achievement Award and has been awarded an honorary FBCI (Fellow designation) certification from BCI based on his experience and contributions to the industry. John originally founded Chi/Cor Information Management's IT consulting practice and was instrumental in developing the industry's first contingency planning software solution, TRPS. In 1984, John joined Comdisco Disaster Recovery Services and was instrumental in launching and leading their hot site and consulting businesses. In his 18 years with the company, John ran Comdisco's European continuity operations from 1994 thru 1996, set up several Asia-Pacific recovery businesses during the early 1990's, and was named president of Comdisco Continuity Services in 1999. In his capacity leading Comdisco's worldwide services organization, John managed through the division's sale to SunGard in 2001, after which he moved on to general management positions with Hewlett-Packard and IBM, running their U.S. BC/DR services organizations and achieving record results for IBM during his tenure.

John joined Fusion in the fall of 2005 seeking a more entrepreneurial culture in which to drive yet another industry transformation. Today, John is very active in leading innovative consulting engagements for large enterprise organizations, and also contributing to the industry by serving on the Executive Advisory Board of Disaster Recovery Journal and the Editorial Advisory Boards for Continuity Insights and the Disaster Resource Guide. Currently, John serves as a National Board Member as well as the Nominations & Governance Committee chairperson for the InfraGard National Organization and was a founding board member of the Northern Illinois ACP Chapter. In addition he has served as the InfraGard Chicago Chapter President and Membership Officer and as the Ethics Officer for the InfraGard National Organization.

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