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Event Event Date Organiser Location
BCI European Awards Dinner 4th June 2015 Business Continuity Institute Brussels, Belgium
Gartner Security and Risk Management Summit 8th - 11th June 2015 Gartner Washington DC, USA
World Conference on Disaster Management 8th – 11th June 2015 Diversified Communications - Canada Toronto, Canada
How do you get staff involved / bought into BCM? 9th June 2015 BCI UAE forum Abu Dhabi, UAE
5th Business Continuity Management, Disaster Recovery & Risk Management Conference 2015 10th - 11th June 2015 Biz Strat Sandton, South Africa
BCI Training at WCDM 11th - 14th June 2015 Business Continuity Institute Toronto, Canada
North Midlands forum meeting 15th June 2015 BCI UK North Midlands forum Derby, UK
Airmic Conference 2015  15th - 17th June 2015 Airmic Liverpool, UK
Exercising, testing and training for BCM 16th June 2015 BCI Queensland forum Brisbane, Australia
How resilient are you? 17th June 2015 BCI Wellington forum Wellington, New Zealand
Russian networking meeting 17th June 2015 BCI Moscow, Russia
Case study of Oxfordshire Council fires and software demonstration 18th June 2015 UK South Midlands forum TBA
Alarm National Educational Forum 2015 21st – 23rd June 2015  Alarm Aston University, Birmingham, UK
Threats and vulnerabilities within the Thames Valley 2nd July 2015 Berkshire Business Continuity Forum Reading, Berkshire
South West forum meeting 14th July 2015 BCI South West Forum Poole, Dorset, UK
Situational awareness and effective intelligence management 16th July 2015 BCI New South Wales forum Sydney, Australia
BCI Africa Awards 18th August 2015 Business Continuity Institute Johannesburg, South Africa
ITWeb Business Continuity 2015 18th August 2015 ITWeb Johannesburg, South Africa
BCI Asia Business Continuity Awards 2015 20th August 2015 Business Continuity Institute Singapore
13th Asia Business Continuity Conference 20th-21st August 2015 BCP Asia Singapore
BCI London forum meeting 11th September 2015 BCI London forum London, UK
Crisis Management Conference 2015 15th September 2015 Steelhenge Consulting Ltd London, UK
10. Deutschsprachiger BCI Kongress 17th - 18th September 2015 BCI German forum Hamburg, Germany
BCI UK South Midlands forum meeting 24th September 2015 BCI South Midlands forum TBA
Fall World 2015 27th - 30th September 2015 DRJ San Diego, USA
BCI Certification/Training at Fall World

30th September – 4th October 2015

BCI San Diego, USA
Technical Meeting, Swiss Federal Office of Energy (SFOE) 16th October 2015 BCI Swiss Chapter Switzerland
National Business Continuity Summit & Leadership Conference 23rd - 25th October 2015 Association of Continuity Planners Westlake, TX, USA
BCI Global Awards 10th November 2015 Business Continuity Institute London, UK (As part of BCI World)
BCI World Conference & Exhibition 10th – 11th November 2015 Business Continuity Institute London, UK
South West forum meeting 24th November 2015 BCI South West forum Bath, Somerset, UK
BCI UK South Midlands forum meeting 3rd December 2015 BCI South Midlands forum TBA