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Preparing to sit the Certificate of the BCI (CBCI) examination, but not quite sure if you are ready? Take this short 50 question mock test to gauge your readiness. Instant responses will let you know whether you have failed or passed (and whether you have gained a mock “Merit”). Responses are fully cross referenced to the Good Practice Guidelines to enable you to address areas that need further revision.

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Passing the Certificate of the Business Continuity Institute (CBCI) examination is the first step in getting BCI Certified.

The Certificate of the BCI (CBCI) examination tests a candidate’s knowledge of the Good Practice Guidelines the comprehensive, independent body of knowledge for business continuity. Passing this examination leads to CBCI – Certified by the Business Continuity Institute and certified membership of the Institute. BCI Certification gives you an internationally recognised credential in Business Continuity (BC) awarded by the leading membership and certifying organization for BC professionals worldwide.

The CBCI examination can be taken in two ways, by Paper and Pencil at the end of the BCI Good Practice Guidelines classroom based Training Course, or by a secure online examination taken from your own computer. All you need is a webcam and fast internet access.

Please note: The new CBCI Online Examination is currently available in English only. Computer Based Tests at Prometric Testing Centres are only available in French, Italian and Spanish until the end of July 2015. CBCI Online Exams in other languages will become available this Summer.

To request a copy of the Candidate Information Pack for comprehensive details on how to prepare for the exam and what to expect on the day, please click here or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

The CBCI certification is valid for three years and is subject to an annual membership fee which is set at the same level as Associate Member (AMBCI). However, the majority of those professionals successful in achieving the CBCI and who have gained sufficient experience in business continuity, generally progress to a more senior level of membership of the institute at AMBCI or MBCI grade. The CBCI therefore provides the perfect launching pad for candidates seeking to progress their career and is an integral part of the application process for senior grades. The CBCI Certification is valid for three years, and if the progression to more senior level membership has not occurred within this time, holders of the CBCI certification will be required to re-sit the Certificate of the BCI (CBCI) Examination to demonstrate currency of knowledge.

To support candidates in their preparation for the Certificate of the BCI (CBCI) Examination, the BCI offers Good Practice Guidelines Training courses in a number of ways to suit you. There is classroom based instructor led training delivered by our global network of BCI licensed training partners, who in turn are all experienced Business Continuity professionals, bringing added value to the training experience. We also offer the Good Practice Guidelines Certification training as a Live Online training course. There is also the BCI’s eLearning course ‘Building Resilience’ which is also an excellent option to accompany self-study of the Good Practice Guidelines to prepare for the Certificate of the BCI (CBCI) examination. Please click on ‘Find a course’   

For more information about the BCI Certification Training courses, please click here.

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