The BCI Crisis and Incident Management Course

The Business Continuity Institute

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The Candidate Information Pack is designed to give you additional information about BCI Certification. The document explains what the Certificate of the BCI (CBCI) is and how to access training and education sources.

In addition, this document will provide you with an examination overview including useful tips about studying and preparing for the examination, applying for the examination and what happens after applying for the examination.

Guidance on applying for a more senior grade also forms part of this pack.

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The BCI Crisis and Incident Management Course

2 days
Classroom-based, Instructor-led

This course is aimed at senior managers who are responsible for managing an incident both at a strategic and tactical level or for individuals who are part of the Incident Management Team. The course is also suitable for those responsible for exercising or coaching the Incident Management Team.

Effective crisis and incident management stands and falls with the Incident Management Team.

The course provides theoretical guidance and practical experience on how to deal with a wide range of incidents that may be faced by an organization. It looks at different exercising and coaching approaches and techniques that can be used by senior managers involved in the incident response.

What does this course cover?

Using a combination of presentations, discussion and role play activities, individuals are able to experience first-hand some of the techniques and approaches discussed in the course.

The course looks at the following topics:

  • Definition, characteristics and impacts of an incident
  • The difference between an effective response and an ineffective one
  • Developing an effective incident response
  • Human aspects of a crisis and how to improve human reactions
  • The responsibilities of top managers in a crisis
  • Dealing with the media
  • Resources and facilities required by the Incident Management Team
  • Contents of an Incident Management Plan
  • Training and exercising the Incident Management Team
  • Quick wins.