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Preparing to sit the Certificate of the BCI (CBCI) examination, but not quite sure if you are ready? Take this short 49 question mock test to gauge your readiness. Instant responses will let you know whether you have failed or passed (and whether you have gained a mock “Merit”). Responses are fully cross referenced to the Good Practice Guidelines to enable you to address areas that need further revision.

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The CBCI Certification Training Course is based on the Good Practice Guidelines (GPG) the independent body of knowledge for good Business Continuity (BC) practice and is aligned to ISO 22301, the global standard for BCM.

The course offers a solid description of the methods, techniques and approaches used by BC professionals worldwide to develop, implement and maintain an effective BCM programme.

This training course is intended to meet the technical and professional needs of BC and resilience professionals working in organizations of any type and size, in any industry or sector worldwide.


  • Based on the Good Practice Guidelines
  • Aligned to ISO 22301, the international standard for BCM
  • Based on global good practice in BC
  • Modular – six modules, each one based on one of the six Professional Practices that make up the BCM Lifecycle, which lies at the heart of good BC practice
  • Provides an accepted benchmark against which the technical and professional competency of BC professionals can be effectively measured and examined
  • Delivered by Approved BCI Instructors, all experienced BC professionals in their own right


  • Teaches you not just the ‘what’ to do, but also the ‘why’, ‘how’ and ‘when’ of good BC practice
  • Equips you with the knowledge and understanding you require to be able to practice BC
  • Written by highly experienced BC professionals
  • Prepares you for the Certificate of the BCI (CBCI) Examination
  • Provides practical insights to good BC practice and expertise by learning from some of the best BC professionals in the industry

What does the course cover?
The course takes you through the complete BCM Lifecycle step by step, and provides practical insights into all aspects pertaining to the development, implementation and management of a BCM programme within an organization through the instructor’s use of case studies and real-life examples.

The subject matter addresses the six Professional Practices (PP) at Management and Technical Level that make up the BCM Lifecycle, including:

  • Module One: Policy and Programme Management (PP1)
  • Module Two: Embedding Business Continuity (PP2)
  • Module Three: Analysis (PP3)
  • Module Four: Design (PP4)
  • Module Five: Implementation (PP5)
  • Module Six: Validation (PP6)

How is it delivered?
The BCI Good Practice Guidelines Training Course is delivered as a classroom-based course to ensure the maximum benefit to students. The training is delivered by Approved BCI Instructors, all of whom are experienced and respected Business Continuity professionals, providing a wealth of expertise to the learning experience.

To ensure you get the maximum benefit this course, we recommend that you read and study the Good Practice Guidelines (GPG) before taking the certification courses. Hard copies of the GPG can be purchased from the BCI website in the shop. If you are already a member of the BCI, you are entitled to a free digital download of the GPG 2013 as part of your membership benefits which can be accessed through the members area of the website.

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