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The BCI has negotiated significant discounts with the three publishers listed below for a wide range of business continuity and disaster recovery books, software tools and templates.

Other standards and publications are also available but are not subject to discounts. See below:

Books from BSI:

  • BIP 2142, The Route Map to Business Continuity – Meeting the Requirement of ISO 22301
  • BIP 2143, Business Continuity Exercises and Tests – Delivering Successful Exercise Programmes with ISO 22301
  • BIP 2151, Auditing Business Continuity Management Plans – Assess and Improve Your Performance Against ISO 22301
  • BIP 2185, Business Continuity Communications – Successful Incident Communication Planning with ISO 22301
  • BIP 2214, A Practical Approach to Business Impact Analysis – Understanding the Organization through Business Continuity Management
Other publications available are :

Business Continuity Management Systems; Implementation and Certification to ISO 22301
A hands-on guide to the new ISO 22301 standard. This will prove an invaluable resource for organisations who are implementing a business continuity management system and certification in line to ISO 22301. It includes similarities and differences between ISO 22301 and its predecessor BS 25999 as well as practical advice on how to prepare for the audit, and is the only 'working tool' on the market. It is written by Hilary Estall who has lengthy experience in implementing and auditing management systems. The book is available for £29.99 from Claim a 15% discount with promo code BCMS12 (Offer ends 31/12/2012).

Journal of Business Continuity and Emergency Planning
Published quarterly and guided by an expert Editorial Board of leading corporate and public sector managers, each 100 page issue combines provocative thought-leadership pieces – which expand what can be achieved with business continuity and emergency management – with detailed, actionable advice and ‘lessons learned’ from fellow professionals, showing how plans have been specified, designed, implemented, tested and updated, as well as how they have responded in practice to interruptions, emergencies and exercises. For further details on how to subscribe to this publication can be found at