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Looking for Jobs in All the Wrong Places? Visit The BCI's New Careers Page to See Position Openings Near You!

The BCI has launched a job search/careers page that enables practitioners to upload their resumes, search for local jobs, and set alerts to be notified when jobs matching certain criteria open up. Be sure to check it out today - your dream job could be just around the corner! Visit the site now.

The BCI runs a successful Mentoring Program that is open to all members of the BCI. With registered Mentors from across a wide range of Business Continuity related Professional Practices, the BCI Mentoring Program offers Mentees an opportunity to improve their knowledge and better understand the practical application of good practices in Business Continuity.

Mentoring is a developmental partnership that enables the exchange of best practices and the open consideration of career opportunities. A successful partnership can overcome the common concern that Business Continuity practitioners tend to sit on their own within different organizations, making it difficult to exchange ideas with others in their field. 

Mentees range from newly qualified graduates looking to take responsibility for their own development through to the more experienced BC Managers moving into new sectors or taking on new tasks and looking for practical guidance from outside their own organizations. Mentees often find equal value in being mentored by someone on their own level, as the mentor may have recent practical experience that can provide ideas and guidance.

Mentoring is a voluntary and largely self-managed process and the responsibility for maintaining and developing individual relationships lies with the members concerned.

The main key features of the BCI Mentoring Program include:

  • All Mentors are registered with the BCI
  • All Mentors actively work in Business Continuity or related Professional Practices
  • All Mentors are qualified and experienced Business Continuity professionals and hold either an FBCI or MBCI
  • Mentors and Mentees are carefully matched by the BCI based on learning and development needs

Later in CY 2015, the BCI will move to an online platform to match Mentees with Mentors – BUT DON’T WAIT!  PLEASE SIGN UP AS A MENTOR OR MENTEE NOW!  Take advantage of this value-adding BCI service associated with your membership immediately to help grow your skills through other members’ experiences and input. 

For further information, download the Mentoring Brochure and review the BCI Professional Development guide.   

If you are an MBCI or FBCI and wish to apply to become a mentor, please contact our This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..  The membership department will respond with a short application to ensure the best mentor/mentee match is made.