Knowing them

The Business Continuity Institute

Every executive has their own area of focus, and if you don't present your message with a clear emphasis on how it impacts them, you will lose their interest before you even begin.

For this reason it is better to pitch to executives individually rather than attempting to pitch to a boardroom full of executives. This approach may take more time, but finding a champion who can open doors for you is a proven tactic for getting your message across in the long run.

This section of the toolkit will guide you through the questions you should ask yourself before attempting to engage an executive about Business Continuity. It features a range of example C-Suite profiles, along with a worksheet you can use to create profiles specific to the individuals in your organisation.

Where might they be coming from?

Each executive will have a different background and area of responsibility. Understanding these will help you frame your message in a way that is relevant and interesting to them.

What do they care about?

Each executive will have unique concerns and issues. Our challenge is to present the service we are providing as Business Continuity professionals as a solution to these concerns and issues.

How might they respond?

Each executive will have a different understanding or perception of Business Continuity. Be prepared for a negative response and plan how you might respond to or clear up any misconceptions they may have.


The profiles provided in this section provide an example of typical C-Suite executives based on BCI member feedback and third party research on the subject. However to get the most out of this section, we advise that you download and complete the worksheet below to create profiles specific to the executives in your organisation.

You may also find the following discussions from our BCI Campaigns blog useful. The blog provided the initial thinking for the C-Suite toolkit and provides summaries and links to key BCI and 3rd party resources.


The tool-kit is a living resource and we are constantly looking for ways to improve it. We value contributions based upon your own experience; as well as feedback on any challenges or success that you have had in applying any of the ideas.

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