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Research indicates that success is as much about communicating your ideas as it is about technical merit.

Whether you plan to present in a business meeting or just want to make the most of those serendipitous "water cooler" meetings, the third key ingredient to effective and repeatable engagement with senior executives is building rapport. Developing rapport requires an understanding of personality and the development of soft skills.

There are a number of tried and tested models for understanding personality. This toolkit will briefly cover two methods - MBTI and DISC - and you are encouraged to take these tests. Understanding personality is not enough though, you also need to understand that there are some 30 readily identifiable soft skills that can be learned and applied to build rapport. The resources section below provides a check list of soft skills and you are invited to privately assess your own level of competence in each skill set and include these skills in your own personal development objectives.

We invite you to consider how understanding personality and soft skills can help you achieve your objectives by watching the videos in this section in the order presented below.

What role might personality play?

Personality can not only affect how you come across, but also how the other person receives or distils the message. Understanding personality types can give you a good base from which to develop your communication skills.

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What soft skills might assist?

Knowing your personality type can provide a base from which you can identify opportunities to strengthen your communication skills. There are many soft skills that will improve your chances of effectively and repeatedly engaging your senior executives.

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How can I apply these to my situation?

Soft skills can be learnt, but must be practised. Creating a plan for actively developing your soft skills will ensure that when it comes to applying them in a real life situation, you will come across as natural and sincere.

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Use the worksheet below along with the guidance on the subsequent pages of this section to develop a compelling story appropriate to your needs.

Would you like to add to this profile?

The tool-kit is a living resource and we are constantly looking for ways to improve it. We value contributions based upon your own experience; as well as feedback on any challenges or success that you have had in applying any of the ideas.

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