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A practical toolkit

What could you achieve as a Business Continuity professional if you had the interest and support of the key influencers in your organisation?

This toolkit guides you through the three steps that will enable you to confidently engage your senior executive - not just in formal situations, but also in serendipitous ones such as water cooler or elevator meetings.

Each step will help you more effectively target individual executives, in order to increase awareness and understanding of the importance of Business Continuity to your organisation; and to secure support and specific commitment for your Business Continuity activity.

knowing themKnowing them

Take the time to understand where your audience is coming from, what they care about and how they are likely respond.

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Pitching business continuityPitching Business Continuity

Decide what you are trying to achieve and choose examples that will support your case and speak directly to the concerns of your audience.

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Equipping yourselfEquipping yourself

Anticipate the effect that personality can have on a pitch and develop your skills in order to give yourself the best chance of success.

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Throughout the toolkit we have provided worksheets to help you adapt this advice to your particular situation. Individual worksheets can be downloaded in each section, or you can download the entire kit as a zip file below.