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Ranulph Fiennes

Sir Ranulph Fiennes, described by the Guinness Book of Records as the world's greatest living explorer, was the keynote speaker at the Business Continuity Institute's World Conference. Sir Ranulph used his own experiences to demonstrate the similarity between exploration and business continuity in that both require effective preparation and teamwork.

Mike Power

Professor Mike Power of the London School of Economics and Director of the Centre for the Analysis of Risk and Regulation was first keynote speaker at the Business Continuity Institute's World Conference.

Michael Pawlyn

Michael Pawlyn, one the of the architects of the Eden Project, was the keynote speaker on day two of the Business Continuity Institute's World Conference.


The BCI runs a mentoring scheme so that those who are new to the industry can get the support they need from people with greater experience. At the BCM World Conferenced there was also a tour so these people could be introduced to some key contacts. Dr Paul Robertson and some students who are about to embark on a career in the industry discuss why these schemes are important to them to help them on their way and give them much needed guidance.


There were over 50 exhibitors at the BCM World Conference and Exhibition and some of the leading exhibitors offer their thoughts on why exhibiting at this conference is important to their business strategy and for engaging with those working in the industry.


Over 300 people attended the BCM World Conference with another 700 attending as visitors to the exhibition. Why did they choose to come? Several of the delegates give their own opinion as to what the benefit of attending the conference is and what they get out of it.

Supply Chain Resilience

The BCI supported by Zurich launched the annual Supply Chain Resilience Report at the BCM World Conference, a report that highlights the importance of ensuring the entire supply chain is monitored and potential threats addressed. The report was presented by Nick Wildgoose from Zurich Insurance and Lyndon Bird from the BCI.

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