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Business Continuity Awareness Week was held between the 16th and 20th March 2015 and the theme for the week was the testing and exercising business continuity plans.

We all know that every organisation should have a business continuity plan – common sense dictates that in the event of a disruption you want your organisation to continue functioning as normal as possible. But how many organisations actually test their plans? According to a UK study by Databarracks, less than a third of respondents to a survey (29%) stated that they had tested their plan during the previous twelve months. If you don’t test your plan, the only way you will know if it works is when you put it into action for real – is this really a good time to find out that it doesn’t work?

Below you will find some of the resources we used to promote the week and highlight the importance of exercising business continuity plans.

Even though Business Continuity Awareness Week is over, it doesn't mean that raising awareness of business continuity must also come to and end. Keep it going throughout the year. BCAW2016 will be held between the 16th and 20th May 2016 and the choice of theme is up to you. Get in touch with This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to offer your suggestions. Note the change of month for BCAW2016 - this is following feedback we have received from many people about the third week in March being too close to the year end for them to get involved.

BC exercise tips

Ever struggled to get enthusiastic participation in an exercise from your non-BC colleagues? How do you persuade top management of the merits of funding an exercise? Both can often be a challenge, but one we must overcome. During BCAW we were asking people to share their tips on how to persuade colleagues of the value holding a business continuity exercise. Click here for further information.


During BCAW we hosted a series of webinars that helped support the theme of the week, demonstrating just why testing and exercising of business continuity plan is so important, and also providing you with ideas on how to run an effective exercise programme. All webinars were recorded so you can watch them on demand. To view the webinars, click here.

What’s the story?

In our often hectic lives, we don’t always have time to read case studies, white papers or watch webinars – you can’t deny they provide valuable material but sometimes we need something a little easier, and certainly quicker, to digest. This is where blogs can be helpful, providing a key message, usually based on personal experience, in just a few paragraphs. Click here to read a selection of blogs on testing and exercising.

BC24 – the online simulation game

How well would you handle a crisis? Why not test yourself against the best in the world? BC24 is the BCI’s online incident simulation game. It is a single scenario game involving a flood, supply chain failure and impending reputational consequences. During Business Continuity Awareness week, the BCI will be offering free use of the BC24 game allowing users to put their crisis response skills to the test. Click here for more information.


We created some posters that can be used to help raise awareness of business continuity and demonstrate the importance of exercising your business continuity plans. There are three posters and each one is based on a possible incident. All three are freely available to download in various sizes by clicking here. The week may be over but the message remains extant, so do still use them throughout the year.


On the 17th March at 10am GMT, BC bloggers from across the globe published their blog at the same time and with the same title: Why testing and exercising are essential for an effective business continuity programme. The titles may be the same, but the perspectives were all different and it made for some extremely fascinating reading. To read all the blogs that were posted, click here.


Throughout BCAW we published a selection of case studies that could be used to help raise awareness of BC and show how important it is for those within your organisation to get involved in the exercise process. Some were based on exercises and others on actual incidents, there was even one based on an exercise the BCI held. They will also be of use when developing your own exercise programme. To view these resources, click here.

‘How to’ plan an exercise

The BCI has published a new guide that will help those who have responsibility for BC to manage their exercise programme. ‘The BCI guide to… exercising your business continuity plan’ explains what the main types of exercises are and in what situation it would be appropriate to use them. To download your free copy, click here.