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To contact the BCI Australasian Chapter please email info@thebci.org.au

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Working closely with the BCI Central Office, it is our task:

  • To represent the needs and professional requirements of BC professionals working in the Australasian region
  • To be recognised as the premier influential organisation for all aspects of Business Continuity in the Australasian region
  • To help shape and influence the future direction and development of BC in the Australasian region, including all BC related standards, legal, statutory and regulatory
  • To develop local, strategic partnership relationships with other BC related organisations
    to ensure the continued global growth and influence of the BC discipline across different industries and sectors
    to increase the benefits of BCI Membership, including exclusive access to personal development, training and education opportunities as well as member discounts from partner organisations
  • To encourage new members into the Institute and to grow the BCI Australasian Membership
  • To encourage new recruits into the BC industry and to promote BC as a career choice
  • To promote the highest standards of professional and technical competency in BC in the Australasian region
  • To expand the knowledge base and thought leadership opportunities for BC professionals working and living in the Australasian region
  • To encourage the continued professional development of BC professionals working and living in the Australasian region through the provision of professional support and development activities
  • To facilitate and promote regional networking opportunities to enable BC professionals working in the Australasian region to come together to share good BC practice, exchange ideas and build valuable relationships.

A copy of the Constitution of the BCI Australasia Chapter is available here.

Chapter roles and responsibilities

This PDF file provides a sumary of the main responsibilities of the following BCI Australasian Chapter roles.

  • BCI Australasian Chapter President
  • State/Regional Representatives
  • Forum Leader
  • Forum Secretary

Frequently asked questions

What is the BCI Australasian Chapter?

The BCI Australasian Chapter is a registered not for profit organisation run on a voluntary basis by BCI members at a National and State level.  It’s main focus is to represent the local interests of BCI members, and raising business continuity awareness and understanding in Australia and New Zealand. 

How is the BCI Australasian Chapter structured?

According to the chart below:

What does the BCI Australian Chapter do?

We run networking forums in regions in Australia and New Zealand which can be attended by members and non-members of the BCI.  We work with other organisations to promote Business Continuity.  We act as advocates for Business Continuity in regions, states, federally and internationally.  We take part in working groups relating to the promotion of best-practice in business continuity, resilience and related disciplines.

How is the BCI Australasian Chapter funded

The BCI Australasian Chapter is a registered non-profit organisation.  The Chapter receives some funding from the BCI globally, but also raises funds from local events, such as the annual Business Continuity Summit.  All proceeds of the events we organise go towards funding activities for BCI members in the Australasian region.

Can I join the BCI Australasian Chapter?

Not directly – you must become a member of the Business Continuity Institute (BCI) at any professional or non-professional grade.  All members of the BCI in the Australasian region benefit from the work and goals of the BCI Australasian Chapter.

Can I volunteer my services to help the BCI Australasian Chapter?

Absolutely!  We welcome input from BCI members.  Get in touch with one of the local contacts in your area for more information.

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